I was raised in Western Washington and spent my childhood running through the trails of Olympic National Park. The landscape will forever shape and influence my work. I am represented in Asheville, North Carolina at Momentum Gallery. 

I make work that speaks to the personal relationship of images, the recognition of the familiar in an intangible and reaching sort of way. My work evokes a feeling, an uncovering. I want the work to be thought about, to invite revisiting and to hold an affinity for the viewer. The work is about glimpses, impressions that build to an awakening at the edges of recollection. It is not a puzzle to reward the viewer for figuring it out or an exercise in identification, it is about coming home in a small way.

I read books on poetry, faith, myth, and history. As people we develop our own personal history, mythology, and cherished poetry. I want my work to draw on those cerebral possessions that are both entirely personal and hold the threads that connect people.